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Provo’s Finest Performing Arts School

Our Mission

to educate, motivate, satisfy,

uplift and inspire

through the Performing Arts

for the betterment of our

students, community and world.

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SMALL classes | NO registration fees | NO competitions

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Dance Studio

Provo School of the Arts understands it’s community and is the most versatile dance school offering the widest range of styles from Ballet to Polynesian dance all at affordable prices. We offer non competition classes and uphold modesty in music, dress and demeanor. Our qualified instructors will teach you the dance skills you need to achieve your dancing goals. Register for classes today

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Voice Lessons

With decades of singing experience, our seasoned instructors will take your singing abilities to the next level. We will educate you about your instrument and use proven methods and techniques to help you improve your vocal prowess. You will also learn how to perform by doing it often. There are 6 Vocal Showcases per year along with other performance opportunities through-out the year. Register for private lessons or group classes today.

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Piano Lessons

Our instructors will teach you how to read music, understand music theory and chord structures so that you can improvise and perhaps write your own music. You will learn proper technique, and develop your memorization and live performance abilities through 4 recitals per year.

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Acting Lessons

We offer a wide array of acting courses from acting technique, improv, comedy and film courses. Feel comfortable in front of the camera and on stage, build self confidence and learn to express yourself in front of an audience. Life is a stage: the skills learned here will benefit you in all aspects of your life.


String Instruments

Our lessons will help your child learn a classical stringed instrument and improve their confidence; includes violin, viola, cello, bass, guitar and ukulele.


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Lara Johnson

Founder and instructor

Lara Johnson is the Founder, Owner and Vocal Coach of Provo School of the Arts. She is a grateful wife and mother of four children. She is an LDS recording artist that has worked with many artists in the industry and has an album out of her own arrangements entitled Songs of Everlasting Joy. A lover of musical theater, Lara has played leading roles in theaters from New York, California and at almost every theater in Utah Valley. She is a lead vocalist of the local cover band Vinyl Impact. She is currently a student at Utah Valley University and will be finishing her Music, Dance, Theater degree at Brigham Young University.